About Us

It all started in Aspen

The story of Clark’s Market isn’t just about groceries; it’s a story about community, connection and a leap of faith that transformed a young man’s dream into a small, independent grocery chain with a big focus on food.

Tom Clark, Sr. 's journey into the grocery business was sparked during his college days at Safeway and later at Rocky Mountain Marketing Services in Denver where he worked alongside his father marketing a number of national brands. Having a fondness for the retail side of the industry, he explored various markets across Colorado’s Western Slope, including Aspen, which captured his attention during his honeymoon in 1970.

Destiny intervened when a developer who owned and in downtown Aspen sought to establish a shopping center. Enchanted by the community, Clark, Sr. knew he could build something extraordinary given the chance. He got that chance, sold everything he owned and moved his family to Aspen where he opened the original Clark’s Market in 1978.

Over the next four decades, the company added eight grocery stores throughout Colorado and in Blanding, UT and Sedona, AZ. Clark’s Market also owns a bowling alley/convenience store/A&W in Blanding, UT. In 2020, after more than 40 years at the helm of the company, Tom Clark, Sr. retired, handing the operational reins of the company to now President & CEO Tom Clark, Jr.

In August 2023, Tom Clark, Jr. opened the first Clark’s Market in Denver located in the redeveloped historic Lowry neighborhood. Also in 2023, Clark’s Market completed a long-planned renovation of its Crested Butte store, the capstone in a two-decades long project to remodel all of the Clark’s Market resort stores.

What We Stand For

At Clark’s Market, an extraordinary customer experience isn’t just a standard — it’s a way of life. We believe that food is love and a meal shared is a universal language. We curate the most fun and special items for the curious chefs. We welcome the grab-and-go aficionado. We honor the heroes at home. We celebrate food all day, every day.

We don’t stand on the lowest prices or the most varieties of cereal, but we do stand on a commitment to quality and a customer experience that can’t be replicated by large national chains. At Clark’s Market, we’re known for premium quality foods, fun specialty products, superior meat and seafood and a personal connection to our customers that is surprisingly unexpected.

Community Commitment

Clark’s Market started in a small community. We take pride in delivering consistent quality and service in all of our stores, while recognizing and celebrating the distinct personality of each community. Though our values don’t change — environmental stewardship, creating extraordinary experiences, honest and fair business practices, exceptional work environment, and exceeding guest expectations — we deliver on those promises in ways that are consistent with what is expected by our individual communities.

As a small, independent grocer, our teams live and work in the communities they serve. We strive to make deep and meaningful relationships with our customers; support nonprofits and small businesses; make decisions that impact our communities at the local level; and be uber-responsive to our guests. For us, a disappointing steak or a bad bunch of broccoli isn’t just business as usual — it’s personal.

Clark’s Market is deeply invested in local nonprofits and supports more than 100 organizations annually. To be considered for the bi-annual Nonprofit Monday sales givebacks, visit our community giving page here — Community Giving.

For general questions, comments, concerns or feedback about any of our stores, please contact Samantha Johnston at sam@clarksmarket.com or by cell phone at 720-412-4240.